Biking Across the USA

Biking from New Orleans to Nashville this 2023 summer! WooHoo!
Mostly following the Natchez Trace trail near the Mississippi River
which is full of indigenous and white North American past
and present. I will be photographing, writing and painting.
Be sure to FOLLOW ME & my 65 plus years of wit and wisdom
wheeling and dealing through the South


I first biked from San Francisco to Washington DC in 1976, as a 21 year old; the year Adventure Cycling started. My mother wanted me to join them but they were averaging 50 miles a day. We were doing more than that. We crossed the country in 26 days. We incudes myself and Gary Egerton who was a bike mechanic and answered the ad I put up in bike stores. I wrote a book about that my last year at Brown.

Since then I’ve done several long distance trips. This blog started when me, Dana, and my kids Sarita and Noah started a bicycle trip from Eugene, Oregon to Williamsburg, Va. We made it to Colorado which was burning up with forest fires that summer of 2012. Unable to get past the fires, we turned back to the West coast.

If you start at the beginning of this blog (way back) you’ll get all the ups and downs (on our bikes and in our heads) of a 52 year old mom doing a self supporting bike trip with two kids in high school.

Then there’s my trip alone (same summer) from Seattle to Oakland.

Then there’s the trip (2013) that Noah and I started in Salt Lake City where we miserably failed, flew to Portland OR and biked to almost Ft. Bragg (CA) where we rented a U-Haul.

Finally there’s the trip I did alone from Salt Lake City UT to Denver CO in 2015. There was nothing on the web about riding over the Rockies when I started this trip, except for a “crazy guy on a bike blog” and he took a shuttle bus over the top! I didn’t.

11 thoughts on “Biking Across the USA

  1. Jonna

    Wow! I am so inspired by your journey!!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers! Can’t wait to hear about all you are seeing and experiencing!

  2. David Prather

    Vaya con Dios…maybe at the end of this one, you can make a giant wall mural like the one in your house in Bethesda…(:

  3. Ana Paula

    Hi Dana, I had the wonderful pleasure to meet you this morning at the Starbucks in Estes Park. I’m so glad we met, you are so inspiring and you have a wonderful soul. Let me know if you come back to Colorado.
    Ana Paula

  4. Tom Stanley

    Thank you for this blog. I am moved in a way that I haven’t found online in a long time. Your descriptions are a mix of mundane tediousness and poignant emotional connection. Thanks for your experience, your observations, and your admirable effort.

    1. betweenstops Post author

      hmm.. I’m not sure I ever responded to this so here I am. thank you VERY much. it means a lot to me that you liked it. i wish more people would find it. Wishing you the best,

    1. betweenstops Post author

      Thanks Frank!! I am at a word press conference right now trying to make my blog visible to others. I’m very glad you found it. I hope you have a good time biking. It might interest you to know that when I rode over the Rockies I did it for my 60th birthday. Stay safe

    2. betweenstops Post author

      Thanks Frank! Hmm not sure if you got my other reply so here’s this: I am working on redoing the site a bit so folks can find it. I’m glad you did. I appreciate your comment! I’ll check out your site as I am learning guitar online during covid.


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