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July 15

We did 15 miles before we got to a breakfast place. There was an outlet right next to our table for easy charging. Yea!

The old white guys at the table next to us were talking about the Zimmerman trial. They were not happy with the verdict. One guy kept saying “it just doesn’t feel right” the other guy agreed and said ” you just can’t kill someone in assumption” by the way these guys looked and by the truck they got into, I wasn’t expecting them to whole heartedly agree with me, but they did.

The wind is strongly at our backs today as yesterday. We practically flew up the long incline of Cape Perpetua. On another small summit lookout a fellow took this picture of us.


We met a guy walking the coast highway. He was nice and in vacation from Portland for 15 days. He was on the quick weight loss walk. He said he did it last summer and was in great shape by the end but gained it all back as he was used to eating so much. This year he’s hoping ti keep it off.

We saw a cute girl walking the coast highway yesterday and mentioned her. He had met her. They were both cute and the same age and I sort of wondered why they didn’t hook up but I guess if you are into doing this extreme a hike solo in the first place, you are solo in the last place too.



July 14

We did sixty miles last yesterday and sixty again today.


We started by checking out Devils lake which was at our camp but we were too tired to see it when we set up camp.


The biking is continually up up up and then a big downhill. Sometimes it’s smaller and as you are going down you can see the up so you pedal as hard as you can going down to do half of the up on momentum.

We got to Foulweather Cape and I liked this carved bench back.


This is a road near foulweather.


It is beautiful here. Photos can’t really capture it. In addition to the ocean, there are kinds of lakes.





Richardson State Park to Ft. Bragg

I packed up pretty early and started on my way.





After riding a while I came across Daniel. He looks weird here but he wasn’t as weird as you would think for someone who was pushing his backpacks in a baby carriage up Hwy One. He had left San Francisco ten days ago and was headed towards Oregon. He had the word “LOVE” in small letters tattooed over his heart. I gave him a protein bar and we went our ways.


Next I went to “Confusion Hill” where I spent a lot of time. It is like the “Mystery Spot” outside of Santa Cruz. It’s a place where gravity and the normal North/South magnetic pole don’t operate as they usually do.



This totem plow is forty feet high and it was carved by one man and a chainsaw while the tree was standing! They built a scaffold around it for him to do this. There are taller poles but those are carved lying down and then stood up. This is the largest in the world carved this way. It is a massive happy thing. There is a lot of info about it except the name of the guy who made it.




As you can see from the above photos i was having the light blurt Redwood problem here as well so lots of my photos are kaput! But some aren’t.



I also have videos of a golf ball rolling uphill but Unfortunately I can’t upload it.

After I left there I spent a bunch of time at the “Peg House” talking with the owner who was a cool guy. It is a store and a grill and they have performances as well. It’s just outside Leggitt and has a campground with a swimming hole across the street. Felt like going back there. Owner, Gary, gave me holographic rainbow glasses to match my hi visibility day glow shirt before I went on my way.


After Leggitt was “THE HILL” I had been hearing about. It was way awful. Maybe the worst of the summer! It was the only one that made my hands go numb. It was hot and horrible going up and I savored every slice of shade.

After the top


Going down


was a whole other story. The coast wind fog and cold kicked in so now I was grateful for every patch of sun and wanting earmuffs and gloves I was so cold.








Eventually I got to the turnoff onto Hwy One and off 101. Yea!!! Only problem is that there is NO shoulder on Hwy One. Also there was another huge hill into Westport which I didn’t know about. It was entirely exhausting at the end of the day and I rested twice going up it.


After that is was up and down up and down up and down. My phone (camera) died so I didn’t get all the beauty but a little of it.





Again, the road is TERRIBLE. This is what they have instead of shoulders.


After sixty miles I make it to my friend Dave’s house. Dave is married to my friend Nancy but unfortunately Nancy was away on work. Dave treated me like a queen and had truly a royal feast complete with tuna he had canned himself!! He provided me with a real bed with an amazing hand made quilt. He also let me relax in his hot tub and even folded my laundry! As if that wasn’t enough, he supplied me with food to go today and took me out to breakfast! I was in heaven.
From dave I went to the Internet cafe to do these blogs as I know I will not get Internet until tomorrow or maybe even the next day. It means I won’t get riding until twelve and I have sixty miles to hike and bike camp spot in
But it was worth it because guess who just walked in?


Derek! His bike is busted so he will either rent a car and drive back to LA or maybe they can fix his bike. He will know in a couple hours. It’s great to check in with him but now I have to get on my way.

June 27, Day 9 Weiser to Boise ID

The ride from Weiser to Boise was mostly a flat 80 miles through beautiful farmland.
It’s like Idaho figured out what to do with all that river water running through.
We got a great camp site next to a river and did a gigantic load of laundry. We repacked everything so Noah could leave and now my load is super heavy I guess cuz of the tent and seven innertubes.
The lady in the camp site next to us is from Nevada. She is camping here while she has radiation at the hospital in Boise where her husband thinks the best neuroscience is. She looks at the river and is dressed in interesting colorful clothes. She gave us each two water bottles for our ride.
All along the way we have met with enormous well wishing and kindness from strangers.


We are in a radically cool cafe now in Boise which is a surprisingly hip city
Complete with hot pink diners and art on utility boxes better than Berkeley’s
(soory I don’t have photos of any of that but I passed these while in intense city traffic and couldn’t do the drive by photo thing safely).
This cafe we are in is so cool that they have uncooked pasta for coffee stirrers. It gets better: They are non profit here with fantastic food and sophisticated coffee drinks. Say what? The workers are volunteers and all the profit goes to “chapel missions” in India.
The radio station playing is great and the guy who serves us our food has a seven inch tattoo on the inside of his forearm that sort of looks like a dagger and sort of looks like a cross. Goes both ways I guess.
The guys in the bike store here are especially nice. nick is especially nice and is boxing Noah’s bike for $35.00 and taking him to the airport for free.
In the Bay Area, they’ll box your bike for a hundred and go figure how you are going to get it to the airport




Changing One’s Mind

Noah has not been as committed as Sarita and I.

First he wasn’t interested and then he was.

And then he wasn’t.

He was trying to decide in an all or nothing way. We bought stuff. We returned stuff.

Recently we discovered the half-way option

He can do part of the trip.

He is starting out with us and at some point we will ship him back. This will depend on his mood and the proximity of a good airfare. Maybe Missoula Montana, maybe farther.

Changing the Route

The route changed just a few days ago, when I realized that the western express route has

Image more than one hundred miles between grocery stores or trees.

That and the fact that the pony express used that trail, not the covered wagons.

The grade (steepness of climbing incline) in the Sierra Nevadas is twice

what it is in the Oakland Hills, our training ground.

Therefore, we start in Oregon with what we think will be

softer shade and smoother slopes.

Sarita and I

It’s been Sarita and I from the beginning. We committed to doing this trip in December. That’s when we bought our bikes and started training.

Everyone asks us if we have a cause for our ride. We do.
I will tell you how to donate once I figure that out.

This is a picture of Sa as one of the winners in an art contest.
The contest was to make a poster that speaks positively to youth.

So that is what we are going to do.

All the way across.