July 15

We did 15 miles before we got to a breakfast place. There was an outlet right next to our table for easy charging. Yea!

The old white guys at the table next to us were talking about the Zimmerman trial. They were not happy with the verdict. One guy kept saying “it just doesn’t feel right” the other guy agreed and said ” you just can’t kill someone in assumption” by the way these guys looked and by the truck they got into, I wasn’t expecting them to whole heartedly agree with me, but they did.

The wind is strongly at our backs today as yesterday. We practically flew up the long incline of Cape Perpetua. On another small summit lookout a fellow took this picture of us.


We met a guy walking the coast highway. He was nice and in vacation from Portland for 15 days. He was on the quick weight loss walk. He said he did it last summer and was in great shape by the end but gained it all back as he was used to eating so much. This year he’s hoping ti keep it off.

We saw a cute girl walking the coast highway yesterday and mentioned her. He had met her. They were both cute and the same age and I sort of wondered why they didn’t hook up but I guess if you are into doing this extreme a hike solo in the first place, you are solo in the last place too.



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