July 15 cont

We saw some fun things on the road.



We stopped by crater lake and i got a flat there 😦 This is where it happened. Funny I took this random picture before I knew I got the flat.


Because of this flat which we fixed quickly, the rim of my tire got bent and when we made it to north Bend the bike store was closed. We had done sixty miles and were up for another ten to sunset state park but decided to stay the night in town to get to the bike store in the morning as there isn’t another one for a hundred miles or more.



We stop at Safeways for our food. At home I hate Safeway and out here I long for them. I get watermelon, bagels, avocados, cheese sticks, hummus and Odwalla chocolate protein shakes and cucumber and tomato salad from the deli. Noah gets thick meat chili or chicken pot pie or Mac m cheese or something else hardy. We try to eat breakfast out if we can get to a diner before noon.

This lunchtime at Safeway there were four other coast highway bikers. We waved to two of them and talked with the other two who were high school teachers. We discussed the clear cutting landscapes we had all witnessed. They were cool. Kids who have them as teachers are lucky.






In this next photo you can see the bridge coming into north bend. It is no fun on a bike.


Tomorrow the bike store opens at 9:30. It will not be an early start day. Some days are like that.

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