SLC to Denver.Day 7, part2: Steamboat to Kremmling continued

I didn’t mean for that to publish it’s not that easy to blog on the phone, especially being so tired.

Here’s Other photos from today’s ride. It was very dark and grey and misty and rainy.


Here’s Kremmling

Cool Huh? This was next to a local artist gallery and next to that was a building full of artist studios! it was amazing because there’s very little in this town.

The hotel I am in is run by a couple who have been running it for two years. Hotel was first established in 1906 the floors are original and beautiful.

There are 28 rooms and this very creative couple has decorated each room according to a theme. I am in the Zane Grey room. He was a Mystery writer and he wrote a Mystery about Kremmling.

On the wall is an antelope skin complete with legs and hoofs, barbed wire and fishing poles that are one hundred years old.

In the hallway, the wife’s wedding dress is on display and downstairs is her mother’s wedding dress. Everything in all the rooms has significance and meaning.

It partly feels like a boarding house and it partly feels like a home. It’s a gift to be here.

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