SLC to Denver. Epilogue. Day 11: Boulder to Denver

I reserved a spot on the most environmentally correct shuttle (this is Boulder ) to the airport.  I got there early; even walking on the pavement in my bike shoes carrying all my stuff. Since I had some time, I went to the Super Cuts and got my hair cut to reenter civilization.  Then with a bit of time left, I went to the Goodwill a couple of doors down. I ended up buying a Colorado University T-shirt that said ARTS in big letters over the right upper chest. Underneath, in smaller letters, it said Addiction Recovery Treatment Services. Thanks CU.

When I was leaving there, I saw the sun catch a tiny glitter stuck in the crack of the sidewalk. I bent down to examine it and found a small golden Guadalupe charm. I happily rescued it.

When the shuttle guy finally got there he was upset that the lady on the phone had made me walk. They all made a fuss about it because the girls work from home and this girl had it wrong. They were so upset with her, I made sure I couldn’t remember her name. They gave me the trip for free.

In the shuttle shack, they had a small stack of give away books. I took John Steinbeck’s “The Pearl”. Reading that on the plane trip home from start to finish, was the perfect ending to the perfect trip.

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