Shout out for the great saint guys (and gals) in the bike stores

Here’s Nick who basically boxed Noah’s bike and looked over and fine tuned up Sa’s and my bikes and took Noah to the airport for next to nothing.
Last night I couldn’t figure out how I’d be able to trust anyone to leave Noah with and to take him to the airport but as soon as I met Nick I knew he was way more than OK. I can’t say how.

Rod in Eugene OR was extremely kind and gave us super advice, told us to loose the locks (weight) and mailed them back for us. He also just threw In a bag of screws for good measure along with sound advice.

Brad in Sisters OR cleaned and pumped up our tires and our spirits after we survived our first big summit of MacKenzie pass.

Jerry in Baker City took our three bikes and tuned them up and spent a lot of calm time trying to figure out with us how we could or couldn’t get  Noah to Missoula.

Brett at Mikes Bikes in Berkeley is our wondrous homeboy as is Charlotte at Tip Top Bile Shop in Oakland which is sponsoring Sarita so she can get PE credit for doing this bike trip. She’s also an artist !!! Yea ! Also Charlotte changed our tires to Bontragger tires which is why we have so few flats and I bought both styles of her cool shirt and both Sa and I got super cycling shorts there all at a great price. Tip Top Bike Shop is owned by Charlotte and her husband Richard who is also an artist. They met in art school and they have the coolest shop with the most artistically unique and sophisticated hip signage and she has designed the t shirt she’s wearing and a FANTASTIC bike shirt (sorry no picture) that she had made in Italy!!! Tip Top is exactly that, an over the top combo of art and cycling. Go team!



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