July2, Day 14, Blackfoot to Lava Springs

We got out of Blackfoot as fast as we could and were on the road when it was still cool at eight. Blackfoot was nowhere in a big way. It was a quick stop of giant chain stores at the end of the nuclear reactor zone.
What does the US Government put next to miles and miles of unattractive, nuclear zone, desolation wilderness? An Indian reservation, of course. this is home to the Shoshone and Bannock tribes.

We went to their gas station/store just a little after eight in the morning. On the way to the bathroom we passed the casino which had very low lighting except for the brightly colored numbers and symbols on all the machines.

We biked on to see that the tribes knew exactly what to do with the parched land. Fizzy rainbow moments happened repeatedly from all the spraying irrigation going on. The land was beautiful with lots and lots of horses. We saw so many horses today in almost trite like situations it was so pretty. Horses galloping through pastures like they were playing and pairs of gorgeously groomed horses drinking at the rivers edge. This continued throughout the day, even after the reservation. Gorgeous horses in every landscape.

In Pocatello, Idaho we had an amazing experience at a store named Barrie’s Ski and Sports. We were passing by and I noticed they were a Specialized dealer so I had us go in. We went straight back to the bike repair area and explained ( the way we do) that we are biking across country and could they (pretty please) check over our bikes. (fill our tires, clean and lube chain, check breaks and derailer etc) so this saint like vey cool (and good looking) young man named Bailor got our bikes from tired to good as new. Also I wasn’t sure my big fall hadn’t done damage to my bike of which I was unaware. We chatted with Bailor and also a fellow named Dennis who had two very very top of the line racing bikes with him. These fellows told us how to get to Lava Springs using back roads which was great as all the maps made it look like we’d have to do some miles on the interstate. Wondrously Bailor did not charge us for any of his work! and Dennis bought us four packs of Cliff Shot Block (energy chews)! Their kindness was breathtaking and we felt hugely supported.
Most of the trip today, a fast moving small river has been beside us. We ate our lunch by it today and tomorrow we are not going to bike but float in innertubes down the river.

We have seen a lot of animals on the trip. We see many cows and they always look up with curious intelligence as we pass. We’ve also seen alpacas and gazelles and lamas and antelope and elk.
Today, on the reservation, we had a pack of four scruffy black dogs chase us barking. Often dogs start barking and running for us when we pass but until today they’ve been contained by chains and fences. We had to outrun these black dogs with them yapping at our feet. It was scary but quickly over.
The landscape today was fantastic even if under a harsh hot hot dry sky. Rolling hills weren’t difficult but the heat was. Twice today I noticed elegant large wildflowers blooming by the side of the road and they gave me encouragement to continue on under the merciless sun of 6,000 feet elevation to our Lava Springs destination (only a 60 mile day).
We made it to 20120702-230315.jpg
Lava Hot Springs and are staying at a place over 100 years old that has five mineral bath pools. There is also a giant swimming pool with everything imaginable. It is like an amusement park itself.

Idaho apparently is the land of the square ice cream scoop. Go figure.


4 thoughts on “July2, Day 14, Blackfoot to Lava Springs

  1. Brenda

    I agree, excellent blog!–Hey I’m down for the Lava Hot Springs with the swim pool although the tree swing hanging over the creek looks inviting too! Impressive ride–you go girls!


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