Seattle to Puyallup

My friend Nicole picked me up at the Seattle airport and we went to her house for lunch which we had at 4:30.
Then I pulled out the bike from the airline box and put it together. Whenever I do that I go to a bike store right away and have those guys make sure it’s all good.
I went there with Nicole and as I was talking bike talk excitedly and non stop with the guys, she got the bug and wanted to go on the bike trip with me! So she then went and bought a bike and accessories and clothes and all of it!
As she hadn’t ridden a bike since she was fifteen, she was amazing in her courage and attitude and did forty miles!
So the road from Seattle to Puyallup is awful. There is lots of traffic and no shoulder and industrial park after industrial park and on top of all that, it parallels the interstate.
The only interesting part were the drive through expresso places. Why? Because the girls in these boxes are almost topless (pasties over the nipples). These guys in the Boeing airplane yard are drinking alot of coffee. We couldn’t believe it but as we passed more and more of them we believed it. We never saw the lower half of these girls but assumed they had on something akin to bathing suit bottoms. Whatever. Then we passed the training school for these baristas! Hmm.
Now and then we passed a roadside expresso shack which has a huge “family friendly” on it and now you know why.
I saw this place to eat with this nice picnic area so we stopped. I try to stop at anything that isn’t a chain. I am afraid chains are taking over this country.


Turns out both Julia Child and Oprah had been there and it was famous for smoked meats and that is why next to the shack of a kitchen was a yardfull of cut wood.

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