July 11

Ok, leaving the trip aside for a moment, I just wanna know cuz I just saw the news. If Zimmerman is innocent does that mean Trayvon isn’t dead? The whole thing is so very very sad and I’m so sorry.

In our trip we see a lot (like tons, pun intended) of obesity and too man men in wheel chairs with one leg. That and the bright red sign with the white fingers crossed: Oregon lottery. You can have faith in that rabbits foot but it didn’t work for the rabbit.

Dispute all this stuff that is disheartening we find the kindness of strangers everywhere! I am convinced thoroughly that people are good at the core and if not threatened (real or imaginary) their impulse is to help a stranger. It’s great to put yourself in this on the road position and experience this vague undefined love in almost every encounter.


This was taken from the light rail in SLC

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