July 12

We got up at six did breakfast did the light rail and got to Portland by 9:30. From the airport we took the rail to the bus station. It is immediately apparent how hip Portland is. They even have bike racks on the light rail
on the side of which is a AAA sign that says “we help in bike emergencies too!”

Outside the bus station are pretend Andy Goldsworthy sculptures.


We got our bikes and refunded in full our bus tickets and assembled our bikes which took hours. We stopped for lunch at a hip Mediterranean cafe recommended by the very most expensive tune up bike shop I’ve ever been to. Not even sure we needed it but we did it even though we are getting pretty good at putting together the bikes.

Alex and Guthrie were the guys in the shop and they were cool. Guthrie rides a surly long haul trucker and his bike blog is www. Pinchatfortune.com

From there we biked fifty miles. Here’s some photos from that day.




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