July 13

Ten miles out the next day we run into an old car show in Mcminville.


Sometimes the trees smell great because they are alive but other times its because the sap smell is overwhelming due to clear cutting.


We had a great lunch at a restaurant called “food is medicine”. Noah chose potato chips over French fries. When they came the were homemade and warm!!

We made it to the coast at Lincoln city. The first thing we did was go to and get ice cream because it was at the intersection of hwy 18 (what we’d been riding from Portland) and highway 101 which is the coast road up here. Hwy One doesn’t start until Ft. Bragg.

The manager at Coldstone asked us where we were going and we told him. Somehow I mentioned Hwy One and he corrected me passionately that Hwy One was on the east coast.

It reminded me of the SLC lady who took us seven blocks from the KOA to the train station to get our bikes and she got very lost doing it. She giggled and said she didn’t get out much. At first I thought she meant to other cities or states but as the ride progressed and we got lost again I realized she meant she didn’t leave the KOA much!

I guess the Coldstone guy doesn’t travel either. After ice cream we went to the hiker biker site at the state park. It was a great place with terrific showers. Only one other biker was there. He’d been there quite a while, knew everything about the neighborhood and was helpful.

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