I’m no boy scout and I wasn’t prepared


To find hotels so lifeless and expensive

as I am now researching this for the first time.

Two days before we leave,
I have changed my mind from inside to outside. . From hotel to campsite.
It’s more work, but will also be more fun and more people.

Today I got what we need to camp our way across.
I spent a lot of time in REI balancing out money and weight.
The cheap heavy tent or the expensive light one? Over The Cascades? the Rockies?
I got a solar recharger (sans hotel walls)
I bought a Solar flashlight and towels that weren’t really made of cloth.
A purple titanium spork so as not to engage in the plastic throw away kind
I was in an altered state moving through the sections of the cavernous store.
Resisting lots of etc

I was surprised when I got out to see that I’d spent almost the entire day there
And came out to a parking ticket.


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