june 19, Day 1, Eugene OR to Rainbow OR


Today we rode fifty miles along the McKensie river
We are camping in a nice spot by the river
We have a lovely set up with nice pads and sleeping bags in a nice tent.
We are all so tired we are going to bed at 7:30!!!
Wilderness is everywhere and there is fifty miles before food tomorrow. Nothing we’d call real food here. We are grateful for chicken pot pies for dinner. Fifty miles before food tomorrow and thirty of that is a 4,000 foot climb. Really? Really. At least that’s how it looks from the info we have. We have stocked up with power bars. Hoping to leave camp at six and be to food by lunch


2 thoughts on “june 19, Day 1, Eugene OR to Rainbow OR

  1. cathy

    Hey Guys,
    It is very exciting to follow your blog. Hard to believe it is actually happening after so many months of talking about it. I hope the rough patches at the time of departure and with the bikes upon arrival in Eugene are the only ones you will have! I am thinking of you all every day and send you my love.


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