June 22, Day 4 ochoco reservoir to Danville Oregon

First off, ive lost my glasses and cant see the text, so please excuse the mistakes
Also, since qe are camping we dont have power to power our devies even though i have a solar power iphone case
It still doesnt really powere enough
Thats why its a long time between blogs
And picture are shot on the iphone
And sometimes theres no power but the real deal is
The landscape is so huge and magnificent you cant begin to get in on a camera
Truly i am 24 /7 surrounded by magnificent nature out here

That’s over 80 miles!
Seems like a week has gone by since this morning.
I woke up to rumbling. Took me a while to figure out it wasn’t a new apple sound or people in an apartment above me moving furniture but long overly persistent thunder so
I got out of my sleeping bag and started to cover the panniers with the plastic bags I bought just in time in the supermarket last night(just in time)
As we were packing up camp it started to rain and by the time we left camp, all in our rain gear, the shower was over.
We did a long slow , not too steep thirty five mile climb to Mitchell. At the end, we kept thinking it was around every bend. Our anticipation and exhaustion level was high. The descent into Mitchell was an intense grade down ( the kind with the yellow warning sign for trucks) half way through it it started to pour. We pur our rain suits on again. When we got to Mitchell, there was hardly anything there! 2 cafes and a convenience store. We got there at noon, had chicken noodle soup (out of a cam?) at a cafe nd got some protein bars at the convenience store and heaedd out on the “8 mile” which is what they call it around here.
It was a lot of straight up for 8 miles but we actually managed it okay. The summit came before we were dead and then there was some forty plus miles of gradual descent. Those eight miles were non stop pouring sweat wearing a t shirt in coltish weather
The descent was smooth except that in the middle of that there was aHUGE downpour
So much so that we went through a rains tunnel as we were at the bottom neat rattlesnake creek ( saw one dead and one alive on the road) and the wind was coming straight up in our faces and we could hardly move and then it started to hail!!! It was super intense. Finally after some 80 miles we end up in Danville which has a nice family hotel and we have a private bath
That is where I am now finally blogging because we finally have electrical outlets to charge our devices

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