June 23, Day 5 Dayville, OR to Prarie, OR

Depending on who you talk to out here or what map or sign you believe
We did between 80 and 90 miles with two mountains yesterday
We were beat (Especially with the hail and all)
We had a nice rest in the Fish Ranch Inn with a cherry tree out our window
We were hoping for dinner but had only the mini mart
We went to sleep sure we’d find breakfast in the cafe we remembered seeing the day before


We went to the cafe but like so many buildings out here
It was out of business and for sale so we went to the grocery-ish store
That “grandpa” runs


I got his coffee from a machine and we all managed to buy something that resembled breakfast (like yogurt and a banana) the kids went back to the inn but I remained talking with grandpa while I drank my coffee and heard lots of stories about the ghost that lived in the store named Bill.

It was fascinating.
Then we went on to Mt. Vernon (another thirty miles or so) which had a real restaurant with real food!! We were in heaven in the “Silver Spur.”


Well nourished we went on thru John Day and finally landed at a campground in Prarie for six bucks a night. We set up tent and then did our laundry with detergent this time at “the washing well” which was painted blue.
I am blogging from the oxbow restaurant and bar that has a wooden floor a hundred years old and two gigantic wooden frames complete with half nude women.
It was an easy day being relatively flat, not too hot with good food. Forty five miles which we started at eleven. Tomorrow we have lots of climbing. Three mountain summits. At dinner we bowed our heads and prayed for a ride over. That kind of climb and seventy miles to the town we are trying to get to.
At one point today amidst the unphatomably huge landscape, I felt like “what’s the point of all this?
Then two bikers came along from the other way carrying there own gear, “self supporter” as it’s called. One of them said, “where are you headed?” we said “Virginia” and they said “we just came from there!”
“just” as in 3,800 miles. Love that.


3 thoughts on “June 23, Day 5 Dayville, OR to Prarie, OR

  1. Jonna

    Wow! I am impressed you are doing this!!

    Amazing. Awe inspiring.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Dakota

    Hello Dana, Noah and Sarita.
    Congratulations on making it so far. I’m enjoying following you guys and i hope you are all having lots of fun and great weather. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.


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