June 24, Day 6 Prarie to Baker City part one

This is us this morning after breakfast in Prarie. The waitress at the diner who was neither young or old had a full restaurant at seven in the morning being the only place of its kind for miles and miles. Still, she came out and offered to take a photo of the three of us. That’s how nice people are out here. I’m attributing it to the spaciousness of it all.


1 thought on “June 24, Day 6 Prarie to Baker City part one

  1. Angela M. Smith

    Dear Dana, Sarita and Noah.

    Wow! What a wonderful adventure you are having!!!
    I enjoy reading your blog. These are beautiful pictures of you. The view of the mountains in the back round is just breathtaking. I hope you all are having lots of fun.
    Take gentle care of yourself and stay.


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