June 25, Day 7 in Baker City trying 2 get Noah home


Basically, we just couldn’t do it. There’s no bus and no U Haul to rent , No nothing to Missoula


A brick wall one way or another



So he’s stuck with us riding through “halfway” and “Hells canyon” and places like that until we get to Misspula where there is an airport



1 thought on “June 25, Day 7 in Baker City trying 2 get Noah home

  1. Mama Kalina

    She’s good in the jungle…but (most agreeably) sucks at modern technology. So, basically, don’t know if you will receive this. Santi and I are heading west by car (aka. Quanda Grace). Wondering if finding you on the road is a fessible possibility. Will host you warm bubble bath, leg massage, and who knows what else. Love and love and love….with Amma in Chicago, then to CA. If Noah can hang in there, he can drive back with us… We hope to get to your home by the 7th. Can meet you probably 5th? Where are you and what is your route? ( Don’t trust sheer blog abilities, gimme the dl)
    love, Mama Kalina


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