June 30,Day 12, Fairfield to Arco

Sa and I started out early but the day ahead seemed hard. We had 90 miles ahead of us on a road with absolutely no shade. The only shade available was that from our bicycle panniers.

It was over a hundred degrees and it all just seemed too hard.
We stopped at a stream in order to break up the day with some fun. The river was running fast with snow melt and we hung out there a while and it was fun.

After that we made it to Picabo (pronounced peek-a-boo) which was one very cool store. We hung out there a while avoiding the heat and waiting for it to cool down before we started the next 43 miles which included the “Craters of the Moon” (black lava on both sides of the road) strip.
That was super weird. A long mostly flat stretch of nothing but deset and black rock. There was nothing else. Not even telephone wires. It was still a hundred when we were going through there even though it was 8 pm!
Because it was flat we got through there pretty fast and made it to our KOA campground destination by nine where we took our second swim of the day!.


2 thoughts on “June 30,Day 12, Fairfield to Arco

  1. jon

    today and yesterday were excellent blogs, which give sedentary city people like me the feeling of being right there. thanks!

  2. matthew_schreiber@yahoo.com

    wow, lava field looks like the big island of hawaii! btw, monica asked me to tell you she is also religiously reading your blog like me. we love it!


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