Warrenton to Pacific City

I didn’t make it the 105 miles to Lincoln City. I am 20 miles north of there and will have to make this short so I can get to Elijah.
I did 100 miles but part of that was a detour because I started riding with Derek who I met on a vista point outside of Seaside and he’s going from Vancouver to LA. Dispute the fact that he does things like 8 hour tri-athelons in Hawaii I was able to keep up with him and was even faster on the hills. Go figure.20120812-083732.jpg
So Derek and I rode at the same speed with the same habits (grocery store food). Also he does digital animation in LA and is well traveled so we had a lot in common and he was easy to talk to. I met him early and we did 90 miles together.
We did some crazy hard summits; one of which Derek walked his bike. Right, and you’ve seen how fit he is, so now there’s proof how hardcore I am. Tee hee!
That hardest summit was crazy unreal. It just kept going up and up and up and then the whole world and weather changed. It was like we were in the cloud and it was misty moisty everywhere. The trees were crowding in from both sides to a canopy overhead and the greenest of green ferns underneath we’re whirling and shwooshing wildly in the gusty wind. There wasn’t sun and only whiteness ahead with that slip of a gray road with a yellow line turning the corner ahead and still going up. Also, there were no cars so the only sound was the wind. A few times I thought it was raining but it was just all the fog condensation being blown from the trees and it was cold. It was very magical and I had a wish to enter into another dimension like in a fairy tale. But it didn’t happen; or maybe it did and I can back.
I stopped and waited for Derek as it was getting almost scary alone and soon after that made it to the top which seemed like it would never come.

The downhill was like an amusement ride! First there was a view of the beach below which was idyllic and far away tiny with cerulean water. After that we went through this strange plain of sand everywhere even though we were still way up in the mountain. It is like the trees growing on the rock photo earlier. Both things make sense just not together in that context. Following this going madly down was a furious wind tunnel hitting us from below.

It was super fun!!!
We ended up in the bottom where we were met with heat and bright sun. Wow. Another 20 miles we stopped at Pacific City where there were no tent sites.
Derek was adamant that by law (!?) you HAVE to give a tent site to a biker. The guy looked confused. So Derek says “OK do you have a price of grass then?”The guy said “yeah..” and charged us $5 each. Go Derek.
So we set up, SHOWERED!! (most of the day I was soaked in sweat) and then we split a pizza. After reading in our separate tents, Derek (computer guy) told me that there was a meteor shower at 11:00 so we popped out to watch the beginning of that which was more magic and I knew Noah was watching it because a couple years ago we watched this same meteor shower together.
Now it is morning and I got to get off to meet Elijah. Mad lulu ego. (That’s auto-correct for “mas lluego”

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