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August 12, 2012 / betweenstops

Pacific City to Newport

I forgot to mention the bunnie rabbits at our campsite. There were lots and lots of them! The camp store even sold bunnie food. They just hopped around and were not caged in any way.
The kids at the campground particularly loved them.
I got up early and went to a great cafe. This town has two campgrounds, a hotel, a pizza place, a taco place, a pub, a grocery store and a great cafe.
After tanking up on the blog and the coffee, I did laundry and Derek was up by then and we set off to meet Elijah in Lincoln City. After a huge climb, we made it and met Elijah! Hallelujah!



We three had a great time riding together. Elijah is everything my good friend Joanna said he was. He’s lively , funny, smart, artistic, spiritual and has a 26 year old slender muscular athletic frame. He’s very elf-like in a good happy way.
These are some of the places the three of us passed through on our 55 mile day.




This next photo was taken at Foulweather Cape where the winds reach 100 miles an hour occasionally. It was windy but that didn’t stop us from eating tons of huckleberries.

Here’s one of elf man new age leader.

Here’s more of our day’s terrain.











Just as we were almost to our destination, Elijah got a flat.

We carried on and found some blackberries. It seemed like we would never stop eating them. It was hard to tear ourselves away.

Finally we settled on dinner at Lee’s Chinese which had a hotel. We got a huge room that was more like a family apartment complete with three beds, dressers, desk, round table. chairs, kitchenette and bathroom.
All this for $25. Each.
I was glad because I wanted a bath and I am way tired. My pad under my sleeping back inflates but then slowly looses air all might so it’s flat I’m the morning. There tonight I am also grateful for a bed.



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  1. jon / Aug 13 2012 7:54 am

    this is so fun to see and read- like doing the trip without taking the time off to actually bike it!

  2. matt / Aug 13 2012 8:19 pm

    hi dana,

    fantastic pictures! i’m glad it sounds like you’re having another great adventure. we’re just back from 2 weeks in ireland so i’m just starting to look at email and saw this. our trip had its adventure elements too, including galloping down a beach on horseback (the highlight of monica’s and the girls lives as they are all horse-obsessed!), and driving around narrow country roads on the left side (harrowing at times, but gorgeous countryside). great irish music and pubs, and incredibly friendly people.

    love matt

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