Prairie Creek to Fortuna

The campground host told me I could continue on the biker path to get to hwy one so I did. I thought it was going to be a small bike path but in fact it turned out to be a hiker trail through the words which was difficult for my bicycle. It got smaller and smaller and then my phone died and it was a little scary because I wasn’t sure exactly if I was going the right way and the path was getting smaller and smaller.
When I made it out of the path onto the road there was a sign that warned me about bears and mountain lions and wild elk. The sign said not to hike alone. Then the sign told you what to do step-by-step if you were attacked by a wild animal which basically was to stand up and fight for yourself as in try to scare it away.
Now on the road with the park signs I go to the rest area in the bathroom. I don’t stay in there long but when I get out there is a small herd of wild elk between me and the road.
That takes a while but eventually I slip by them and am on my way.




I forgot to say that when I woke up it was raining so I packed up my tent but in a very messy way. It was all covered with Pine needles and other stuff.
I have some random photographs from today but not a lot because it was rainy and cold and cold and rainy and misty and moisty. Therefore not so great for photographs.







20120818-094148.jpg I am in Humbolt county now and the county fair is going on so hotels are packed full and RV sites are hard to know about until you see them so I booked a hotel while I was in Eureka huddled by a fake fire in Starbucks. There are no campgrounds near here in Fortuna. I paid good money for a huge hotel room and I was very happy to be dry and warm. There was a fantastic health food store in Eureka where I stocked up and had a great meal in my room heated up by the microwave and all. I also showered my tent clean and set it up by the heater and dried it all out. I did laundry and got this blog up to date.



By the end of the day it got sunny but I was still grateful for this very nice hotel room. Yesterday was a seventy mile day. Today will be around sixty. I hope to go through Garberville and end up at Richardson Grove State Park biker site. It is supposed to have even more amazing redwoods.



4 thoughts on “Prairie Creek to Fortuna

  1. monica

    those elk pictures are amazing, they don’t even look real!

    that foggy weather reminds me of our trip to ireland. that’s how it often was.


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