July 10 end

So we have all this stuff and we are in a slummy neighborhood and we can’t get it all into a taxi.

The train station is next door but they also have no seats and besides the train goes from SLC to Sacramento and then up to Portland. It’s not cheap and it takes 43 hours!

I am exhausted and freaked and have to get rid of the bikes but I can’t do that without buying tickets so I buy the Friday tickets to Portland and ship the bikes. The bikes go on the bus at midnight and will arrive in Portland Thursday afternoon.

We then book the cheapest hotel we can. The taxi driver is from Africa. He is bright bubbly and all white smiles. He is from Africa with a thick accent. I do not know what it has taken for him to get here and be driving a cab. This puts everything in perspective for me.

As we are getting out of the cab I ask him what there is to do in SLC. He chuckles shrugs his shoulders and says apologetically “Temple Square’s all we got here, just temple square.” He chuckles again and we get out.

The hotel is clean and the night desk clerk is “no extra” but not in a good way. He asks for my ID. There is a big sign that says “No visitors after eleven”.

We get to our room. Noah falls asleep immediately. I can not sleep. I search the web for a fantastic hotel to stay another night in SLC. Little America. It has three pools and a gym and a sauna and it is gigantic. Because it is soo big and there are lots of vacant rooms, and we want one tomorrow, we get a super price. Then I book a plane to Portland realizing I will lose Noah if we have to do 14 hours in the white trash bus atmosphere. We will lose the bike trip momentum and our desire to do it.

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