July 10 continued

Josh moved to Utah for the skiing but when he is not working or hanging with his wife ( who goes to Utah U for 5k yearly) he is running swimming and biking. He takes five hour bike rides after work, putting on the headlights at nine and pulling into home at eleven. Why? Because he is training for a ride in Utah that is 14,000 feet of climbing (up & down & up & down) in 88 miles ! It gets even more insane… Are you ready? He does it on a ONE speed! No gears.

He claims he is nice to us because so many have been nice to him. He just finished riding the continental divide and said lots of strangers helped him so he is paying it forward. After him, I got a lot to pay forward.

We ride from kimball junction which is where the hotel and first food is after the summit into Park City which is where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. Beautiful farmland coming in.


It becomes quickly apparent that this is an extremely wealthy place. High end everything especially restaurants and galleries.

This next photo pretty much sums it up.


They framed a Banksy!! I love the little iron posts on either side. A Banksy depicting an idiot uprooting (killing) the beauty of nature to document it. The whole thing was so crazy Noah and I got a big kick put of it.

For those of you who don’t know, Banksy is THE most counter culture of all street artists. He is so wild and righteous in his way that no one even knows who he is and he’s never been photographed. Smile.

So we get our bikes boxed in Park City
and Josh takes us to the greyhound bus station where I have bought tickets online for the midnight bus to Portland. We hug him goodbye and wait in line within the atmosphere of poverty where folks have way more time than money.

When I get to the counter, the nice bus lady has no record of me buying these tickets. There is no room on the bus tonight or tomorrow. It is eleven at night. We have our boxed bikes and our panniers.

More later. Gotta go to dinner now.

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