July 10

We were done with the Rocky Mts and we weren’t even through the preliminary Wasatch Mts.
We went down the hill into town and booked into the first hotel we saw. There were no campgrounds until Jordanelle 14 miles away. Josh called and offered us his place to stay but we’d already committed to best western. He said there’s a rule to never quit or make big trip decisions at the end of the day. We were not following that rule.

Clearly we’d never make Denver in two weeks and the heat was unbearable. We decided to go back to Salt Lake City and then go to Portland and bike down Hwy One for a cooler easier route. We were through with the bristley desert and longing for a cool ocean breeze.


We did not want to bike it back. To get ourselves with our bikes back was very problematic. All sorts of people shuttles buses and taxis wanted to charge us $125. Also we had to get our bikes boxed to ship to Portland and one can’t walk around with two panniers and a boxed bike. Josh offered to take us to Salt Lake City in the evening which was amazing since he already had to drive there in the morning for work at 7:00 and then came home at 5:30 and was willing to take us again at seven at night. Unreal kindness, right?

Here’s a little about Josh. First of all I wish I had a photo of him but I don’t. He was about 28 I’m guessing and nice looking. Bright lively eyes. Quick smile. Small nose. He was born in Pennsylvania, didn’t like his home life and begged to go to a ski academy boarding school. That’s how he left home at 14. He became an engineer and is doing well for himself “sleeping at seven thousand feet” as he puts it.

Ok. This day isn’t done but I am not sure how to save it so I’ll publish it and continue later. I am trying to get caught up.

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