July 17

We got up at 6:30, ate breakfast (purchased at the grocery store last night) and got on the road by eight.

We stopped at a place that was a cross between a garage sale and a antique shop. They had a first edition Tom Sawyer! Noah got a truckers hat.

Folk in the store had endless suggestions of what we should see. It is a bit irritating when we are shooting to bike 82 miles today (making up for yesterday) and these locals are pushing an extra ten on us to see a gorgeous coast, like we haven’t already. We know they are well meaning so we are patient and semi smiling but they have all day to talk.


Eventually we get out of there and roll into Port Orford after 26 miles of biking at 10:00. We have a good hearty second breakfast at paradise cafe and get two milkshakes to go.

We see quite a few folks biking 101 today. We saw a guy today who was biking on the other side of the street hauling a rig behind him. On the rig, was a six foot tall white cross. It happened so quickly, I couldn’t get a photo of it.


By two o’clock we made it to Gold Coast, 56 miles away.


We were exhausted after 56 miles but it was only two. We ate at the grocery store and got BenGay for our painful parts and kept on going.


Then we came across the roadside prehistoric park.



They don’t have these in Utah I’m guessing.

We biked on and on and on. Miles up 6.5% grades and down 6.5% grades over and over again.



There was nothing but natural beauty between Gold Coast and the next town. At seven we rolled into this next town of Brookings for a total of 82 miles! We made up what we lost yesterday with all parts of our bodies were aching



4 thoughts on “July 17

  1. yogarthur

    Love the photos and travelogue! I get tired following you. Awesome idea and doing it is even more impressive. Stay hydrated. Great blessings from the very hot east coast.


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