July 19

Today we met Zeke Gerwein. He stopped where we stopped. He is going the other way. I noticed his water bottle was from “Missing Link” in Berkeley! He is going to King middle school.

He looks like Harry Potter. Small, brown hair. Brown eyes with crooked glasses. He is riding the entire west coast of the USA, from the Mexican birder to Canada, raising money for Sierra club!
Different adults are riding with him during different parts of the trip. He even road the lost coast!!! North of Ft Bragg which is impossible! 20% grades on dirt roads!! Wow!

His blog is on the site “crazyguyona bike.com” his individual blog is “headwinds’R’us”. We met him with his dad who had been with him since Gualala. They were carrying more than twice the gear we were and riding mountain bikes.

They gave us a few tips of scenic roads as alternatives to hwy 101. We followed their suggestion. Once I got off and walked because on county roads the grade can be 20% whereas the state roads are 6.5 to 7 % max. We only did 50 miles today. It was tiring though because the winds were against us. I figured because they were with Zeke and so be it. Also we had lots of hills and cold wet weather all day. I was beat when we got to Trinidad, a town of 311 people.



We saw some elk but the were hiding in the talk grass between us and the ocean.


We saw goats and cows too.



At one point there was a random giantic chain fence by the road. It was beautiful in its way even though it prevented nothing from getting in or out as it was only thirty feet long out if nowhere.


Trinidad was full due to a kayak fishing competition . Folks had come from all over to see who could catch the most fish while kayaking from A to B. I wanted to stay at this Emerald place.


It looked very nice and was next door to this other place which I though looked interesting but Noah didn’t.


When I got to the office the sign said it was full. Noah said there’s no hope. I said I can’t go any further; they have land and I have a tent and money it will work out.

Cody, the cool young fellow at the desk said he always saves one tent site for the saddest story and we were it!
Yahoo! We got the site, set up and fell asleep quickly.

3 thoughts on “July 19

  1. jgerwein

    This is Zeke’s Dad. We really enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for posting about Zeke’s ride. Sorry if our suggestions about small roads led to problems for your ride. We really like those roads so much better than 101, but I understand what you are saying about grades.
    Zeke’s ride is going great. I rode with him up to Florence, OR, enjoying the beautiful rocky coast, giant dunes, and redwoods (and some strong headwinds :() where he met up with a friend who is continuing on with him. Hope the rest of your ride is great!


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