July 20

We woke up to rain šŸ˜¦



Still, it is beautiful!! Photos don’t do it justice. The sound and air are also beautiful. But wet.

We did only forty miles with practically no hills. Noah’s mat deflated permanently last night so we bought a new one at Eureka which is not a nice town.
Pictured below.


Arcata, the small counter culture town 5 miles north is fantastic!
The poster board outside the health food store looked historic but it was all advertising current events. The stools at the smoothies counter were done in top notch mosaics.




The food in California is marvelous. As a vegetarian I am used to the only two items on the menu I can eat being grilled cheese or eggs and hash browns if its early. In Trinidad and Arcata there was teriyaki tofu and red quinoa tabouli etc. feels like food wonderland to me.

We are stopping early because the next campsite is 30 miles south and we are more for a 40 mile day than a 70 mile day.

Also, there is a rodeo in town!!! Yeehaw. So we are now going to set up our tent and then go to the rodeo.

We are only 15 miles from the beginning of “Avenue of the Giants” the ancestral redwood home. We will be there first thing in the morning. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “July 20

  1. yogatreasures

    Yeah love Arcata–definitely an oasis! fond memories of the “Avenue of the Giants” another sort of oasis… even in the rain. (but I wasn’t on a bike or in a tent–you guys are troopers!!)


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